Hi, friends and family!

Welcome to our Katie’s Pizza Kit Test Event! Thank you for your participation in evaluating our newest idea in food. We hope to gain valuable feedback and insight from your experience. In this box you will find the prototype for what we hope to be a new, successful, meaningful, family owned & operated STL based company. This box contains all the ingredients, a recipe card, and a link to a video that will help you make a delicious artisan pizza.

We have chosen to send you a version of our classic Margherita Pizza. We wanted something simple but delicious for your first try! Our goal is to bring unique, seasonal, and fun toppings to your door if the 'test event' is a success.

I highly recommend you review the video instructions we have made on the Katie’s Pizza & Pasta YouTube page before you begin, as hand-stretching dough can sometimes be challenging (but worth it!). Please refrigerate all of the ingredients immediately, and make the pizza today or tomorrow. If you wait more than a day, the dough structure may be compromised. The focus of this test is to gain as much feedback as we can to help guide us. Please fill out the follow-up survey in your box and mail back as soon as you can. You may also email Katie at katiespizza@gmail.com with any additional feedback or interest in the company. The more feedback you give us the better.

Please note that this is the very beginning and just a test event. We will keep you updated on our progress. If you have any knowledge or expertise about the meal kit industry or know anyone who does, we would love to connect. We thank you for your interest, and we are honored that you are a part of this journey.

Buon Appetito
Katie, Ted, Belinda & Johnny