Pizza Margherita

10 oz. Pizza Dough

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Burrata Cheese Ball

Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half

Fresh Basil Leaves

Balsamic Reduction, room temperature



Preheat oven to highest temperature or 500 degrees F. If using pizza stone, place on middle rack of oven. Pizza stone will need to preheat for 30 minutes. If using a cookie sheet, place on middle rack of oven and preheat for 30 minutes.

Watch our instructional video on our Katie’s Pizza & Pasta YouTube page before you begin. Hand-stretching dough can be tricky, but fun! The video will help you navigate this new technique.

Pull pizza dough out and let it warm to room temp on a lightly-floured work surface covered with plastic for 15 minutes or until the dough is at room temp. Depending on the temperature of the kitchen, this could take a bit longer.

Shape the Dough

Now that the dough is at room temp, it is time to hand-stretch it. No rolling pins! Place the dough on a very well-floured countertop, and flatten it into a disc by pressing down and outward with the palms of your hands. Next pick up the dough, use your fingertips, and rotate the dough while creating a ½” crust at the same time. Let gravity do the rest of the work. Next place your dough back on a floured surface and, using the edge of your palms, begin to stretch in a circular motion from the inside of the crust edge. Do this over and over until your dough has stretched to 12” in diameter. Make sure to be very gentle with the dough and do not squeeze out the air pockets. If you tear the dough, no worries. Just pinch back in place and continue. Place stretched dough on a fully-floured cutting board or pizza peel. Remember, your dough does not have to be a perfect circle. This should be a fun experience, no perfectionists allowed.

Assemble Pizza